Not so much a layout, more of an experiment. 



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Welcome to CramdinYard 

Cramdin Yard is a compact layout built in 4mm scale with OO gauge trackwork.  The layout is set loosely in the South of England and is run with rollingstock from the around 2000 onwards.  Originally the layout was built as a small home layout to allow me to experiment with railway modelling again after a 35 year break from the hobby. After much encouragement from people it has been re-engineered into a portable layout that can now be exhibited.

Take look in the gallery to get a flavour of the layout or look at the construction pages to see how the layout has evolved from a pile of uncut timber.  If you are an exhibition manager and would like to have Cramdin Yard appear at your show check out the exhibition page for more details and contact information. 


a.k.a. ElDavo on RMWeb and NRM

Latest news (18th June 2009):  Cramdin Yard is featured in Model Rail issue 132.

Latest news (26th April 2009):  Cramdin Yard has had its first outing with a trip to Taunton for the RMWeb SWAG (South West Area Group) members day. Amazingly everything worked!

Latest news (12th March 2009): Today saw Cramdin Yard the subject of a 4 hour photoshoot with the enimitable Chris Nevard.  Hopefully a selection of the pictures will accompany an article in one of the monthly modelling magazines at some point in the future.

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